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Bike rental on the Camino de Santiago.

Season 2024


In 2024 Bicigrino rental bicycles are all high-end and have 29" tires.

We have been able to verify that they are the ones that will provide the best service to our users and the most suitable for cycling and cycling. Camino de Santiago in particular.

We maintain practically the same prices as in previous seasons and take a big leap in the quality of the bicycles.

We want to provide the best material to our customers and, as always, brand new bicycles.


In collaboration with the prestigious bicycle brand MONDRAKER through the Bicigrino virtual store we offer you bicycles with all the guarantees to be able to do the Camino de Santiago or any other cycle route that you can think of.

Remember that our bicycles are delivered free of charge anywhere in Spain and Portugal, as long as hotels, hostels and hostels accept delivery of the bike. same.

bicicleta de alquiler camino de santiago

Here you can see the exact model of one of the bicycles that is rented, a MONDRAKER, This bicycle is equipped with high quality components and, most importantly, with 29" wheels, which makes it ideal for cycle touring routes on dirt tracks and, of course, for the Camino de Santiago.

The bicycle rental service on the bicigrino website is aimed at making the journey easier for those who decide to do it by bicycle and cannot use their own or for different reasons they decide to opt for renting as a better option.

The bicycles that are rented have been personally chosen by Bicigrino after the experience accumulated by 6 routes carried out and with the logical and most appropriate criteria for do this route with total guarantee.

These are high-end bicycles with all SHIMANO components to greatly facilitate the solution of any eventuality during the route.< /p>


bike rental sizes

As a general rule, it is good for you to know that we normally have 4 sizes (size 15, size size 17, 19 and 21) as they are the most common sizes for most users and, generally speaking, people of normal build and up to 1.70 tall will need a size 17 and those over 1.75 You will need a size 19.


Transportation to any point you propose is included in the rental price. start the journey and also pick up anywhere in the Spanish or Portuguese geography that you decide to finish the route.

(* Request information if you need rent your bike in any European country or on the islands... )

bicycle accessories rental

The bicycles come equipped, among other things, with these accessories designed to provide you with all the peace of mind and guarantees on the road:

**Since most of our customers They use applications that have a speedometer, we have decided this year not to incorporate it in the kit **

  • Specific and pre-installed rack.
  • Tires specially chosen for optimal use on the road.
  • Bicigrino's Camino de Santiago guide (magazine format)
  • *Water bottle (it is new and for individual use, you can take it as a souvenir at the end of the journey).< /strong>
  • Pair of ORTLIEB BACK ROLLER CITY saddlebags recommended on the bicigrino website, waterproof, with click fastening system for easy putting on and taking off.
  • Lock to keep your bike safe.
  • Practical bag on the top bar, ideal for carrying your camera or phone on the go. mobile phone (for example).
  • Tool kit with chambers, patches, pump and multi tools (with chain cutter) to solve any eventuality en route.
  • Grease and oil kit to lubricate the bicycle during the ride.</ li>
  • Gel cover for the saddle to prevent chafing.
  • Valve adapter that will allow you to put air in gas stations.
  • ** It is important and we remind you that for hygiene and safety reasons we do not include the helmet in the equipment. It is recommended to bring your own helmet.


La Hospedería San Martín Pinario has become the new center for deposit, collect and store bicycles in relation to the transport service «from Santiago to home» of Bicigrino and Seur

If you purchase the reservation coupon through the Bicigrino online store, you can leave your bike here worry-free for it to be transported home. This way, you can stay comfortably and ship your bike without complications.



Suitcases on the way to Santiago
  • If you request it, we will collect your personal luggage at the bicycle delivery point and manage its transportation so that when you reach the end of the route it will be waiting for you at the place in which you will return the bicycle that you rented us..., this service is not included in the rental price and will have to be contracted separately.

  • *Optional service not included in the price of bicycle rental.


- Purchasing this product in any of its PACKS and with the price indicated in the offer you are paying exclusively for the rental service.

- The rental price includes the price of transportation to the starting point of the path and the return of the bicycle from Santiago or any point to our base.

- The Rental Cancellation Policy is as follows:

Before 30 days the refund is complete.

Between 30 and 15 days the refund is 50%

After 15 days we could not return anything.

- To specify the rental of this specific bicycle model , payment of a DEPOSIT of 200 euros (per bike) which you can purchase at through the bicigrino virtual store, in the "Bicycle rental" section, paying separately from the rental payment. This DEPOSIT, as indicated, will be refunded once the bicycles have been received and their good use and conditions have been verified. Without the necessary and mandatory payment of this deposit, any order requesting the rental of one or more bicycles will not be considered valid.

- The bicycles are new or semi-new and will be delivered in perfect magazine condition, please which will be the responsibility of the users for their maintenance and basic care in order to guarantee their proper use. We will be responsible for on-route repairs attributable to mechanical defects, but any damage and breakdowns attributable to misuse or inappropriate use of the bicycles will be the responsibility of the users.

- If you have any questions or special needs about renting bicycles or need on the route once you have rented the bicycle, do not hesitate to contact me through this e-mail:

or this phone: 627928213 (Tomás).

** IMPORTANT!! We have a lot of demand and it is important and essential to check availability before processing the bicycle rental. Please select your size and time period and request the OK at **